A Fair Price policy

Giving you affordable prices each time you book

Why we have a fair price policy

We understand that many people looking to visit the Lake District have seen a significant increase in the price of self catering accommodation since 2020 when Covid first impacted.

There are several reasons for this including the prominence of demand based pricing adopted by many accommodation providers  which pushes up the cost of a stay at the busiest times, when a property is in popular or in a sought after area like the Lake District.

Whilst this may sound reasonable it means that there is a good chance a viewed price can increase from one week to the next for no apparent reason other than the level of bookings made. Similarly when prices are increased and dates not sold they will then be reduced by sometimes hundreds of pounds giving the impression that people are receiving something special. In reality they are not as the stay was overpriced in the first place.

We want to give all guests a fair and realistic price every time they book. We believe price increases in many cases have been fundamentally unfair and will not be not sustainable.

As a result we work closely with our owners to ensure prices for the type of accommodation being offered through Lake Cottages & Lodges are fair and affordable right from the time stays can be booked on our website. This is based on a realistic assessment of the market throughout the year and the needs of owners to provide the type accommodation guests will stay in. This is done on an annual basis and before the following year’s prices are released.

To achieve this we review the market regularly by looking at other comparable accommodation asking the fundamental question ‘Would we be happy to pay the price for a stay at that property’. It certainly helps that we see what is happening first hand as our team live and work in the local area.

Prices won’t be higher each time you view our website

The prices quoted on our website will remain the same for at least the current calendar year and future increases will be realistic based on anticipated market conditions and costs. So whether you are looking to book now or in the near future there will be no hidden surprises. All prices quoted on our website including our booking fee.

For those looking for last minute availability there may also be additional discounts or offers available. From time to time we may also have promotions on specific properties which will be detailed on our special offers page.

However, we strongly recommend due to the popularity of the Lake District and our properties that to avoid disappointment guests always look to plan in advance and book as early as possible.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Lake District to enjoy a stay in one of our attractively priced properties.

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